Friday, May 1, 2009

New Smile

Tuesday afternoon I picked Graydon up from school early because he had an orthodontist appointment to get his braces off. It has been 25 months since he started this whole venture and let me just tell you, he was very sad to get them off. So the above photo is the before and.........

A brand new smile is born!
Doesn't he look like a different kid??? So handsome...
On another note...just how much laying around can I possibly do??? It is driving me crazy not to be able to create anything or even to do housework. I tried to vacuum yesterday and it about put me into a total lock down with muscle spasms. Everyday gets a little bit better but I'm being so impatient. I guess that is what I get for being stupid, stupid, stupid!! While laying on the sofa vegging yesterday I actually pulled out my watercolor paper and drew a little farm scene. I was planning on doing a bit of water coloring on it but just didn't have the stamina to do it just yet...maybe today. It helped with the itchy fingers, wanting to create.

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Susan said...

Wow Dani...I really hope you're feeling better. I can't imagine having my back aches long term... excrutiating!

As for that smile - WOW! I'm almost 39 and guess what - getting braces next month! I can't wait to unveil MY new smile in 18 mos!