Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lucy and Ethel

Wanna meet my new girls Lucy and Ethel? Well here they are in their prime posing for the camera. I obtained these two beauties from a woman at pottery. She had gone in on an order with her friend a year ago and that friend didn't want all of them anymore, thus now I have 5!! I believe they are "silkies" but I could be wrong. I have to do a little research on their coloring, but check out their feet. They have feathers on their feet and it reminds me of when we put booties our dog during the wintertime. They walk just like it!! This one above is Ethel and the below right is Lucy.
Notice the lovely pottery bowl that they eat from...nothing is too good for my girls!

I love their feathers on their bloomers...and believe it or not I really didn't think this would happen. All of them eating together. When I first got them the older ones would corner them in the pen and step on their heads. It was kind of comical to watch but I guess they are determining their "pecking order".

The new girls Lucy and Ethel are laying the buff colored eggs while the rest of the gang has the beautiful sage green and light blue ones.

Early morning photo of a fiddlehead fern emerging.

Oh girls in the UE School office....this is called a meleagris also known as a
Snake's Head Fritillaria. I had to do some research on this one!!!

And while I have been really doing nothing lately other than trying to heal myself...I have enjoyed taking some pics around the house. Here is an amusing photo of our kitty "Stitch", checking himself out in the camera lens.

And here are his kitty toes...don't they look like a muppets???
Do you think I need to get back to my life???


Susan said...

You are hysterical. I can now say I know someone that owns chickens with names. (Um, they were chickens, right??)

Dani said...

Chickens with names...yep that's me! You gotta name your pets right!!! I could never eat any of them...just their eggs!