Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there!
Here is a photo taken about 5 years ago on Mother's Day. We heard about a fawn in the field by our house so we went on a hunt for the baby. When it saw Graydon he started making these cute little noises and walked up to him. Notice Graydon's hand position. We kept on telling him to not touch the baby. It was such a priceless once in a lifetime opportunity. Graydon was so happy that this little baby came up to him. So upon seeing this the baby went back to his hiding spot where we discovered he was a "twin".
This morning was spent with Mom and Dad Vick having breakfast and now it is time to head out in the garden. I've got my two little worker bees all ready to help me...lots and lots to do!!
Have a wonderful day everyone!


D'Lynn said...

that was cute aunt ni and i like the chickens.they layed eggs.what are the chickens names .are they girl and boy.are they two boys or two girls.
love shea

Dani said...

Hi Shea!!!

The chickens are both girls and their names are Lucy and Ethel. They are laying brown eggs and the other chickens are laying green and blue still. Thanks for writing to me...

Love you too!!
Aunt Ni

Kim M said...

Oh my - that pic of Graydon was way too cute- it made me want to cry! The kids are getting too big! Happy Mother's Day lady - your pottery made great gifts!