Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

This whole weekend was literally spent outside gardening and getting the yard mowed and in tip top shape. The entire vegetable garden was planted...ornamental corn, sweet corn, pumpkins, 16 tomatoes, banana peppers, cucumbers, 4 different varieties of beans, acorn squash, strawberries and more peas! Whew....
On top of that more weeding in the perennial beds along with mulching them. I am officially out of mulch now and need to get another 4 yards delivered. Yikes! I better get that one figured out.
We also went to the movies and saw Night at the Museum 2. I love Ben Stiller's acting so I give it A++, not to mention the cute little monkeys, Robin Williams and an actress (Amy Adams, I think ) who played Amelia Earhart. Very good combo!
The top photo is taken on Memorial Day next to my in-laws new pond that they put in last year. They decided to have a picnic next to the pond and it was yummy. Hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, coleslaw and potato salad and to top it all off Rhubarb/Strawberry Crisp that I made. YUMMO!
The pond is a little murky right now and is full of tadpoles, no fish yet. That will be coming soon so my kid can catch and release til his heart desires! Todd took Graydon and his preschool friend Noah fishing on Sunday. The headed up to a neat little spot that I blogged about some time ago. They ended up catching around 40 fish!! I was home planting but Todd told me about the one that got away, hehehe. At least 14 inches...so he says!

Me and my kid!!! What a cutie!

Beautiful weather...75 degrees with a little wind! Perfect!

So, Graydon is sitting there in the chair before we had dessert. I got a couple of good pics of him...

The milkshake that I made him ended up all over his face, shirt and shorts! Believe it or not it is an oreo milkshake not kitty liter. Doesn't it look just like it?

Thanks Mom and Dad Vick for having us down to have a great meal and to celebrate your pond!


Susan said...

Hey Dani! Great pictures!!! We had no kids Memorial Day weekend, and still headed up to Mark's parents in the Adirondacks. Let's just call it "ATTACK OF THE KILLER BLACK FLIES".

I'm still itching!

Dani said...

Hi Sue...Try vinegar on a cotton ball. I just heard about it and it is suppose to stop the itching!!