Friday, May 22, 2009's Friday!

I'm so happy today is Friday and it is a three day long weekend. Fingers crossed for nice weather this weekend...the garden needs to be planted. All my little plants I started from seed are starting to suffer from not being planted yet. I need to get my flat of tomatoes in the garden before they shrivel to nothing. I have started planting a little here and there and it makes me happy to do so. I love digging in the dirt and making the plants happy not to have weeds choking them out. The above photo is my friend chip. I have been trying to lure him in with bananas (notice it to the left of him) goal is to get him so he trusts me and will eat from my hand. He's so cute...just look at those paws and little ears!!
Here is one thing that I did plant so far...Herb the pottery head. I created Herb about 2 years ago and he has been sitting in my barn collecting dust because when I fired him the first time (or tried too), his top lip blew off and my intention was to fix him and re fire. Well...needless to say, two years later he finally found a home in my garden. I cleaned him up, sanded his lip down and fired him last week. I think I need to make more, especially for the Greene Craft Show coming up in July. Stay tuned for more "Herbs".

Just a view from my front porch steps...the beautiful ferns emerging from their curls.

Little Goldfinches eating away...I wonder if they have babies somewhere?

And last but not least my kid....he had crazy hair day yesterday in school. Everyday is something new because they are counting down until school ended (ALREADY?). Today is dress your best...yeah right, we'll see if that happens.
Happy Weekend Everyone!!

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