Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creative Thursday

I haven't really been able to focus on pottery lately because I have been extremely busy helping take care of my great aunt. She is very ill and in need of 24/7 care so while trying to hire a couple of extra hands, I have to fill in. After this post I will be heading out for a full day of helping her out. It has put quite a stiffle in my creativity but last night I went to pottery class with a positive attitude and produced the above image. It was a quiet night with very few people in there so I was able to concentrate and focus on things I wanted to make. In the middle of class a friend of mine came in and we had such good laughs. It was great to see her and catch up with her and her four children's lives, it is always an adventure (right Jenn). She always makes me laugh and believe me I needed it.
I have a show coming up fast and furious at the end of next month so I need to get my tail in gear and really start pumping out some pottery. I have many, many ideas brewing, but it is just finding time right now to execute! It may come to be some early mornings and late nights for me.
Onto the above photo which by the way was a little bit of an undertaking. I have this garden behind my house that was there when we purchased it from my in-laws. She is a big time gardener and has some great plants in there. It was slightly unruly back in the day so the year after we were married...I tackled that garden and had it really looking spiffy. I had paths running through it, with great plants and even better mulching. Well over the years the kiddo came along, then life, then sports and then more life. Needless to say this poor garden has been neglected for years. What you don't see is behind this garden...this is what I am talking about. Behind those ugly arborvitae is the "GARDEN OF WEEDS". What a scary place to be...but I am determined to get the upper hand this year.
Thus, the front of the garden which faces the backside of the house. I pulled almost everything out on the left side with the exception of a few lilies and I did leave the bleeding heart too. On the right side are some trillium's and lamium under the tree. I planted 5 new hostas, rebuilt the stone way framing the backside of this garden and mulched like crazy. I had some large rocks laying around so I used them to create a walkway to the mess. My thought was to put a gate at the end of the stone walkway but I like the looks of the bird bath in the opening.
I will post some photos of the unruly mess when I can actually make my way in there. But for now I am viewing the peonies popping their heads over the weeds...
there is never enough time in the day!


Michelle said...

Wow! The garden looks great!! You must have been doing this while I was watching lacrosse practice (until Bob tag-teamed me).

Mrs. Kazmark said...

I think what you are doing for your aunt is amazing... And I still think that you and meg should open your own studio and teach classes- I'm in!!!