Friday, June 11, 2010


My in-laws had told us that they have a three eared bunny at their house and lookie here who mosied himself up to our house. We have gotten pretty close to him during the day, at least a foot away without him bolting from the yard.
Last night I had just gotten home from an extremely long, long day and was in my bedroom changing my clothes. Callie was at the window with alert ears and a wagging tail so I knew something was in the yard. I glanced out the window in hopes to see a glimpse of the skunk that was in our yard the other night but it was Tres. We named him Tres after the Spanish word for 3. I'm not sure if he was born this way or maybe got his ear caught in something and it split it, but anyhow he is adorable.
The funky rabbit eyes are due to it being dusk and having the flash on.

Yesterday on my way out to take care of my elderly aunt, I stopped by my friends house to borrow something and she had showed me a nest of 5-6 baby bunnies that are living under her kids slide. I could have scooped them all up and taken them home with me. Actually, she may be bringing them up if the mother doesn't come back. I think they are almost old enough to live on their own but maybe another week or so with their mom and they would be good to go by themselves.

So now I leave you with Tres....
Happy Weekend all
Happy Wedding Weekend to
Lori and Melissa!!

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