Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jenn's Baby Shower

Yesterday was a friends baby shower which I had the privilege to make the favors and the cake. I decided after talking with her family, to go with a vanilla and chocolate cake layers (7 layers) and then fill with vanilla and chocolate pudding. I do have to say it was extremely moist and yummy.
Jenn's favorite colors are brown and blue so that was the color theme I went with.

I sculpted them out of an oven bake clay and added them to the top of the cake. Ryan loves Batman so we just had to add that to his shirt.
Everybody seemed to enjoy the cake and made a nice dent in it!!
Thanks Jenn and Ryan for letting me share in your special day!


Aunt Diane said...

That is the cutest thing EVER; what an amazing job you did! Love those little clay figures!

Dani said...

Thanks Aunt Diane!