Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming down...

Well, I am finally hitting hard after a week of no sleep and the little house being opened. I worked today at the pottery studio from 9:30-12:30...I mixed two glazes, mopped half the studio, recycled clay, kiln washed shelves. I was a woman on a mission. Afterwards I dared to temp fate and go to the mall to look for some clothes. Fleece is out already! Hello, it's only July! After the disappointing shopping experience I headed to Wegmans for some groceries. We were down to the last pickings in the house. Also we sort of have a house guest. "Coach Tom" is sleeping at my in-laws and I guess splitting time between here and there. He is a soccer coach for the Red Bulls and is doing a camp up here this week. Needless to say half the house is off limits because I haven't cleaned it yet.

So that's it for now. I suppose I should go and start dinner. Ta-ta!

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