Sunday, July 6, 2008

A good day fishing...

Well we headed out about 12:00 to Nanticoke Lake up in Whitney Point. We had never been there before but heard the fish are plenty of catching. After driving through God's Country as Todd called it...many farm - cows, name it, we finally came upon it.
Hiking about a 1/4 mile we came upon this beautiful lake.
I'm not sure if it is man made or not but it was pretty beautiful.
After fishing for a while with no bites and Graydon getting a
little frustrated, I managed to get the first one. A cute little sunny!
Then Todd reeled one it...Graydon was not happy at all!

Look at how pretty the colors are...some were this way and
others were really green, blue and yellow.

Finally, my kid reeled one in...
He was pretty proud of himself!

Then he kept reeling them in one after the other. Todd would bait the line and drop it in and Graydon would yell...I got another one!
We kept catching sunny after sunny until Todd
with the "Tweety Pole" caught this bass.

No, we didn't keep the fish although someone the day before had quite the feast. The was a camp fire and fish tails where we were set up. All in all Graydon caught 6 Sunny's, I caught 4 Sunny's and Todd caught 2 Sunny's and 1 bass.

Graydon was so happy and he said it was such a fun day... I agree!

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