Thursday, July 17, 2008


I picked the computer up yesterday and to my dismay all my programs are gone. Word, Excel, Adobe Photo Shop and Print Shop!! Dammit! I don't know what this guy did but I am ready to scream. Todd was going to call him today and ask him to load Word and Excel onto the computer but I have to find my Print Shop disk to load. I do EVERYTHING in Print Shop. All my flyer's, postcards, labels....UGH and double UGH!!!!
So needless to say I am a little STRESSED right now. Time is a ticking and I have no postcards. Maybe I'll just draw them by hand and mail them out that way.
So, off to drop Graydon off at Summer Enrichment, then to get my Great Aunts breakfast, then drive all the way back here and work and then pick Graydon up at a friends...THEN home, run the kiln, trim some pots I threw last night, sand some ornaments, create postcards, oh and yeah get something together for dinner......sleep? Maybe not in my near future!

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Vicki said...

Yikes. What a schedule. Can't wait to see what you've made. Vicki at