Thursday, July 31, 2008


I don't understand how people can be so cruel. This beautiful mama cat was found in Oswego by my friend Jessica. The mama cat ended up having one little tiny baby around 2 weeks old and they were living on the street. The mama cat is just skin and bones while the baby seems to be OK. Both were flea ridden and poor mama cat has other problems. Jessica was kind enough to rescue them off of the street and take them home.
Isn't this baby precious? His ears aren't even up yet and he is getting around but shaky.
Look at that face!
Jessica took them to S.P.E.A.K and cleaned them all up.
Needless to say this beautiful mama and baby are now being adopted by Jessica. She has named the mama Tiramisu and the baby will be named once he gets a little older so she can see what he looks like.
Both of our cats and our dog are adopted from a shelter or off of the street. I would never get a cat or dog from pet store. From now on I will only get rescue animals and promote adoption of stray/abused animals. Why do people get animals if they can't take care of them. This is just one story that has a happy ending.
After hearing about this, last night when I was leaving the studio I found two stray cats. Obviously ferrel, I tried to get close to them. Beautiful cats they are but they would only let me get within 3 feet from them. I will still try every time I go to the studio. I will make sure I have some cat food in the car for them as well. Maybe they could end up being our barn cats?

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Anonymous said...

I have just arrived at your blog and decided to read all posts for 2008. You have won me with this one about the cats! Yes, they are adorable and it is great that someone is taking care of them. I know the post is old but I do hope they are still under good care and happy.
I will read more and I am quite sure I will come back for more "visits".
Wish you all the best.