Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Storm Before the Calm

Well, I am sitting here at 12:13 AM est and my body is screaming for me to go to bed. The last 3 nights I have spent awake until 3:00 AM kiln sitting. I am afraid to go to bed with my kiln still on and I have been cramming all week for this weekends sale. So needless to say the kiln is on right now and stalling out on me at 1500 degrees. It is suppose to get to 2250!!! I have had it on since the middle of the afternoon. I am giving it another hour and if it doesn't go up that much...I am pulling the plug. CRAP!! I have so many things in there I wanted to have for the sale too! A lamp, chip and dip, bird bath, colander, pitcher, conversation blocks, ornaments, candle holders....among the few. I have a feeling I will have to be breaking down in the near future and buy new elements. BUMMER! Eventually some day my dream is to own an L&L kiln. Shhh...their about $1500.00 right now, I will be waiting quite a while for that one! I prepared, yes and no. The place looks good. There are some last minutes tid bits that I need to take care but all in all its fine. I hope I have a good turn out. I am still trying to convince Todd into going up to Greene and handing out flyer's. We'll see about that one!

I'll take some pics tomorrow before the mad rush cleans me out! Wish me luck!

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