Saturday, July 5, 2008

The day after the 4th...

The day after the 4th leaves me with little energy. Not that we partied til the cows come home but I have been loagy all week. After the big hoopla of the garage sale last week I found myself not feeling very well. Massive sinus pressure, nausea and head congestion. I finally broke down and went to the doctors on Wednesday because I felt like my left eyeball was going to fall out. Much to my surprise (not really) it was viral and they couldn't give me anything. I am starting to feel better finally but still a little stuffy.

So needless to say nothing much was accomplished this week. I trimmed some pottery I made the following week and actually tried to throw a little on Thursday. A bunch of junk clay I ended up with...oh well there is always today or tomorrow.

Yesterday was spent weeding my veggie garden and making a yummy appetizer and an OK dessert for last night. We headed over to MBT aka for some dinner and fun. The boys (3) played on a slip and slide and air foam gun things. We enjoyed laughter and drinks on the deck and a delicious meal. The neighbors performed a wonderful fireworks display which we enjoyed on the front porch. Then home and to bed at 10:30PM.

Today might be spent fishing and enjoying the family. I would like to see Hootie and the Blowfish at our Local "Dick's Open" golf tournament tonight but I have to convince my better half in going. A local artist Jared Campbell is performing before hand and I love his music. Check him out at He is one of my favs, Graydons too!!!

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