Saturday, September 6, 2008

Insanely busy!!

So, although I did not have to physically work at my job this week, I have been crazy busy with everything else. I am trying to get ready for a show that I have a week from today on top of the firs two days of school and in the beginning of the week Graydons friends coming over and helping paint my neighbor kitchen and then making her valances...whew!

Well anyways, here is a photo of Graydon and Callie on the first day of school. He was nervous and excited all together. He likes his teacher and some of his friends are in his class. He also made a new friend...Pavo.

Here's a photo of me and Graydon. I was a little swollen eyed from lack of sleep but, whatever.

Stitch was not happy about the whole commotion. He wanted out of the house too!

The short ride going to school and the long ride home.

I love this sunflower. I think the chipmunk planted it on the patio and I left it growing. Look at how all the seeds are symmetrically aligned. Nature in its glory.

Busy making baskets, throwing pots, making tiles for a name it.

I love the size of this platter. Perfect to display on the center of your table as a centerpiece or use it to serve a variety of cheeses, breads or anything else your heart desires!

So to add to my madness, I am tagging monarch as they hatch from my home. This little sticker has a 1-800 number on it and if a person outside this region (or in I guess) finds this butterfly, they call this number and they take their information down and they also let them know where it originated from. Cool huh?

What a beauty!

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