Friday, September 19, 2008

Unsucessful Day

So today I decided to head up the the Syracuse Mall in search for something to wear to my cousins wedding next Saturday. I tried to have an open mind, I really did but and I mean a BIG BUT, nothing is made for my body type. I have a very long torso which mean every stinkin' dress I tried on, the waste was at my ears. I even tried on skirts and blouses and they didn't look right...a little too casual. I did find some cute shoes though! I love shoes, I wish I could just wear shoes and maybe a purse...huh wouldn't that be a look. These shoes are so comfy and chic! They are a brown/copper patent leather with a little peep toe and a side buckle. Now all I need is a matching purse!
Anyways I guess I'll head back out on Monday to look. Maybe some dress wide legged pants and a pretty hip modern blouse would do. Any suggestions????

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