Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stomach knots...

Well here it is two days before the show and as usual I am a ball of nerves. I have things to unload from a kiln, stuff to price, wrappings to get together, business cards to print, and a sign to paint for my booth. Why do I wait til the last minute for everything you might ask? Because I work well under pressure! I received a phone call yesterday afternoon from Doug the guy who is responsible for the whole show. He invited me to the mall to do a newscast special on the show with my pottery. Well when I got there, Alexis whom I know from my days as a street painter, was there to promote it and I guess really didn't need the artists faces just their work. Fine by me! So my pottery was displayed and I wish I had brought an easle for my big platter but
oh well...
Here is the link for the newscast segment
Chick on it an you'll see my comrade Alexis and Steve the newscaster talking about the festival and artists.
Well, I'm off to another pot of coffee and getting Graydon ready for school. I get to unload a kiln today and it's just like Christmas for me...I'm so excited!

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Sara said...

Good luck this weekend!