Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunny Day...

Well today turned out to be quite the beautiful day! It started off really cold (I almost turned on the heat) and foggy but the fog burned off around 10:30 and it is sunny and around 70ish. I puttered around the house this morning for a bit, did some painting which I can not show you for reasons being that someone who might be reading this will happen to by chance be at Lindsey and John's wedding next week and I don't want to spoil the "thing". Boy that was a mouth full! After that I took Callie for a run/walk. I run 1.2 miles and walk 1.2 miles uphill. I am so happy to be running again. Before when I tried to run I would get this terrible pain in my lower abdomen but now since my surgery in May, I feel pain!
Todd doesn't understand running. He thinks it is a waste of time to just go out their and run for no reason. I am doing it because in the past, I actually use to love it. I am starting to love it again. I just wish my heart would get use to it. I have some sort of problem where my heart pounds fast all the time. The doctors have called it Flight or Fight Syndrome or Fighters Pilots Syndrome. There is no cure...for me. That is because my body reacts to medications terribly and the beta blockers that I was taking were causing different problems. Basically the doctor said to go off of everything and just try and deal with it. I am, but I wish it would stop. Anyhow...I am feeling much better about myself, losing some weight and gaining muscle back in my legs. Yeah me!
So on another note...anybody who knows me, knows that I wear my curly unruly hair in a pony tail most of my days. I am tempting fate and trying a new hairdresser. This one just happens to be a girl I went to high school with and was to say the least kind of mean to me. She was hanging around some other girls who were terribly mean to me and I know she just got wrapped up into the whole thing. Since then I really don't know what has happened in her life but I do know she is married, an aspiring singer and a fabulous hairdresser here in Binghamton. I called today and actually have an appointment tomorrow at 12:30. I used my married name so she has no idea who I am. I am almost tempted to take a basketball to her tomorrow as a joke because we played on the same high school team. I'll make sure to bring my camera to this and show you the results. Hopefully I can find some sort of happy medium to this bush woman look. Stay tuned!

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