Thursday, November 6, 2008

So I have to tell you all that I am taking a "real" soapmaking class this Saturday. I am so excited to be taking has been a long time coming. If all goes well, I should be coming home with approx 30 bars of soap...Yeah! We will be the cleanest people in the county!
On another note, I am sick. started on Sunday with just feeling yucky, kidneys were killing me and I was just so tired. Monday...sore throat...Tuesday more of a sore throat and now today full blown sinus infection I think. My head is so conjested, this is the first I have been off the couch all day. Hopefully it will pass soon because I hate feeling this way. My head is totally in clogged which also makes me off in the clouds. Whaaaa.... :( Yes I am feeling sorry for myself!


Lorelei said...

Get some rest... Feel better soon!
the soap making class sounds fun!!!

Dani said...

Thanks Lorelei!! Me too!!

Soap class is going to be great...I'll be in touch about the jewels!!!