Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wow, I just realized I have not had a post in a long time! These past two weeks have been a little crazy for me. I have been creating and trying to get my little shop ready for this past Friday and Saturday opening. Also, I have been working on a wedding for our neighbor/friend, which happened to be yesterday! Do I sleep...yep, but I go like a bat out of hell when I am awake. So this photo above is what my car looked like on the way to the reception hall yesterday...full of table arrangements that I did. On top of the 20+ arrangements, I created the brides ball which is shown below, a calla lily on top of her mother of pearl bible she carried, 13 bridesmaids, 13 ushers, the grooms boutonniere, 2 nosegays for the mom and grandma, 3 wrist corsages, boutonnieres for the dads and grandpa, a throw away bouquet and some miscellaneous stuff. Plus I set up everything once I go to the reception (Todd helped as well!). Whew!!!

Here is the brides ball she carried hanging off her arm as she walked down the aisle.
I need to get a better photo of it...

Table arrangements at the end of the evening.
They look much better than what this photo reveals.
Another arrangement for the table when you enter the reception.

And yet another arrangement with the bridesmaids calla lilies....
I do have to say it was yet another great experience
I have under my belt.
Thank you Grady/Kazmark family for
allowing me to be a part of the wedding!

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Anonymous said...

You were the most amazing wedding planner/creator/visionary and our wedding was beautiful because of all you did!!!!! You are amazing!!!