Friday, November 7, 2008

Tonight I think will be a Mom and Son date. Todd is off "playing" with some guys from High School doing guys know golf, BBQ, poker... so that leaves Graydon and I to hang out together. I think we'll go and get an early snack to eat and then hit the matinee at 5:00. He wants to see this movie and I am looking forward to it too, so off we go.
I still feel like poo. I think it is a full blown sinus infection. I called the doctors this morning and I am waiting until they call back. More than likely they will not be giving me anything for it. They always tell me you have to have it over 7 days before an antibiotic is prescribed. Ugh....I am tired of it already! Yesterday I really did not move from the couch and this morning was the same. You can only watch so much TV before you go crazy!!! I actually just ate a little lunch and made some pottery coasters as an idea for my little shop that will be open Nov 21st - Dec. 20th...Fridays and Saturdays only from 11-4pm. I'll post the info a little later. I am still trying at this whole shop thing. January is another story but maybe I can find some place near my home that I can turn into a shop.
Anyways...Happy Friday!!!

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