Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 3...and I think I maybe doing pretty good on this cleanse. Although ask me last night and I would have said something different. I hit a wall around 6:00PM right when I was taking care of my great aunt. Needless to say, so sympathy was bestowed upon me...I bit my lip and carried on. When I got home around 9:00 I crashed hard. I think the lack of junk food and the cleaning out of all the impurities in my body seems to be taking a toll on my and it is only day 3.
Ugh...I know it will get better and I will have more focus.
Speaking of focus, tomorrow is a day of being home all day and I plan on making good use of my time. Hopefully I will be able to publish the fruit of my labor.
Any suggestions on what to throw???


Susan said...

Would that be something to throw in frustration??? You go girl on that cleanse!! Are you doing it to lose weight, or purely to cleane your body of all inpurities??? We are totally routing for you and can't wait to hear the results. Keep on it!! have a cat right, throw the cat! (smile)

Dani said...

Not throwing in frustration but rather throwing pottery.

And yes to the losing weight and inurities thing. I am starting to feel better already but having no carbs or dairy is HARD!!! I keep thinking about the end result and there is a light but it is way down the road! ;)

Susan said...

Ok, I'm worried about you - it should be like day 8 or more now - are you over-cleansed???? I am NOT kidding - Mark and I bought Dual Action Cleanse - just pills to pop - did you ever see that really WEIRD man on the infomercial? They had it at Sams - my brother in law swore that he shit unbelievable on it. That's all i'm lookin for. Not like you really want to hear it, right??? ;)