Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not too much new around here in these woods except for the fact that we got about 8" of snow up here on the mountain last night. It is slightly flurrying as I speak (opps I mean type) but I do not know what the forecast outlook is like, nor do I really care. When you live where I do you just put up with the weather knowing that in a few months it will be spring and outside work to be had. My husband drives me nuts in the winter time. Bored as he calls it, he wanders around the house with his hands in his pockets looking for something to do. Although at the present time he can not help me organize or clean my "crap" room (nor do I want him too), he has kept up on his end of the deal with the dishes. I hate to do the to cook, and that is what our deal is suppose to be.


I have still be organizing and cleaning. You must think that my house is like one of those old people that you see on TV. The only way into the house is through a path of newspapers and there is garbage floor to the ceiling. Well, my house is not like that, at least all but one room. The "crap" room was suppose to be my little slice of estrogen in this male testosterone house. Well, considering all of you who know me well, know that I dabble in just about any kind of media out there thus the mess in this little room. Jack of all trades, master of none is what I say... from clay, paint, wood, drawing, painting, sewing, concrete, fabric, scrapbooking and more. Metal forging is on my list to do but that hasn't started YET. The poor little tiny room of mine has been neglected for quite a while. It will now be turned into a media room for the boys, seeing as which media has now invaded the living room. The office is now my room. I have been sorting, labeling and arranging for days and I can finally see the light. I purchased a cheap espresso colored bookcase from Target last night and even assembled it myself (except the back). The office is really taking shape and there will be photos in the next week to peek at.

Until then...I bid you farewell and happy organizing!


Susan said...

Ok...since I'm soon to be unemployed, you inspired me to do something crafty. Created my daughter's birthday invites myself for her tie-dye party we're doing in a few weeks. Mark bought a paper cutter (huge exciting purchase for him - you know, like a labeler?????)... and they turned out great! I think it cost me 5 x if I would have just bought them, but initial investments, right???

Dani said...

Investment and proud that you made them yourself. It always costs triple if you make it yourself. I'm sure your daughter loves them. I wann see them too!!