Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I guess I have to catch up from my last post last week. I can't believe I have let so many days slip by without one little blog. I seem to get distracted at blogging, even though I really do enjoy doing it. I guess uploading the photos, changing them, saving them and then blogging them tends to get a little overwhelming.
So enough with my excuses...I'm sorry and Thanks Sue for being concerned about me and my well being. I am pleased to announce that I am well and feeling pretty good about the cleanse now. The first week is always the hardest, especially when you have to feed two other humans in your house and they are not especially digging the rabbit food that you are consuming. I did have one minor set back yesterday...not really sure what it was about but my body finally either caught up with the cleanse or I had a little bug. I spent the entire 16 hours on the couch in a ball. I feel much better today and have actually starting eating as of lunchtime.
No not regular food, back to the bunny basics!
A quick recap of last weeks throwing...I banged out a ton of pottery in one day. I felt pretty pleased with myself and am dying to get back doing it. Maybe tomorrow if the snow day that they are predicting ends up with 1/2 day, I'll be able to throw in the morning without interruption. Take a quick note of all my goods in the above photo.
So a quickie about gum. I have found a new love for gum. It totally takes the craving of hunger away for a little while. My jaw is definitely getting some good use with the amount of gum I have been chewing lately. Remember that when you go to reach for a bad treat...grab the gum and enjoy (really, I just said that?).

So the above photo is taken during a workshop I attended this past weekend at Syracuse University. The guest artist is Ayumi Horie and you can visit her website here:
Pretty amazing stuff this woman does. I think my mouth was open the whole time watching her throw. A very interesting technique she has created. The above photo is of her removing a large ring of clay in order to make a dinner plate. I can't really explain how she does it but it is similar to a wood carvers way of creating a bowl or plate. A huge waste of clay but it helps save your hands and arms with the amount of tendonittis you can get.

This show a plate that I purchased from her. I fell in love with the birds and dots....
I am inspired and want to create....
And now I leave you with just a cute little cat photo of Stitch curled up on my legs sleeping.

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Susan said...

Ok, I'm SOOOOOO embarrased that I thought you wanted to "throw" something out of frustration and I suggested your cat. What an ASS. Glad you're feeling better. And here's a gum suggestion (mark and I are major flavor testers) - Target has Orbit strawberry mint at the register. It's a test marketed flavor and it is delicious!