Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today was the start of our Empty Bowls project that we, "Clayworks Pottery Studio", help with. We are donating over 200 bowls for this great cause. I will be having more information regarding this local event as soon as I get it. I believe the date is in April and those of you local people should stop out, get a great handmade bowl and a delicious bowl of homemade soup to boot.
I got to the studio at 9:00 this morning, started the vat of coffee to keep us going and then pugged at least 100 pounds of clay. We went through the clay pretty quickly and by the time I left at 1:00, there were 15 students helping out. We have several months to go...but the sooner we start this, the better. I made about 8 bowls while I was there. The far cry of 20 I wanted to complete...but it is a start!
The above photo was taken from my phone and it shows some of the bowls that were completed. If you do go, the students sign their work on the bottom of their bowls so if there is someone in particular you are looking for...flip the bowl over.
Here is a link to one website that I found...check it out for some information...

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Susan said...

Keep me updated on what this program is about. We're having my daughter Samantha's 9th bday party at Clayground in 2 weeks - I love that place!