Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Life has once again taken a hold of me and has spun me around and around. Todd was out of town the beginning of last week and between work and Graydon's Lacrosse practices it has been chaotic. But it seems like there isn't an end in sight, not this week anyways.
But all in all...Wren just wanted to hop in to say hi! She has this great little cardboard house or trailer as Graydon likes to call it.
She really likes to peek through the holes to look out. But if you put your hand in there to pet her, she grunts like a pig and pushes my hand out of the way. Her space, is what she is trying to tell me. :)
I had to throw this pic of Graydon in the mix. We went shopping this past weekend for summer clothes for him, as he has grown out of all of his from last year. But we stumbled upon this great little hat and he just loved it. He looks so cute in it...he wore it all day and night, I don't think he ever took it off once. I think it will be one of his new found favorites!
So what's this mess you ask?
Well it is a pile of bias tape that is being turned into...
Lots and lots of cording.
I had a sewing project for a friend to do, 116" long window seat cushion with 8 pillows. I finished it all up on Sunday and I will be delivering it this week to her. I can't wait to get a photo of it all put together to show you. It really turned out great!!!
I really enjoy sewing and when I can get time to do it, it makes me smile. Especially when I see the outcome of all my hard work.
On other news...I have jumped full speed ahead into pottery again. I have a show coming up Mother's Day weekend and I have lots and lots of new ideas brewing in my head.
Stay tuned for all the photos....


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

What a sweet bun! Our Nutmeg grunts at us when we get too much "in her space", too. She's a very sensitive bunny.

Dani said...

Thanks Cowgirl!! I have never been around a rabbit that has so much personality. Tonight she was playing with our little hamster. Too cute to see!