Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Review

The whole entire weekend was so beautiful I just couldn't stand it. It started off with Friday being in the 80's...80's, in the beginning of April? But, yes it was! Get out the shorts and t-shirts and start the yard work. While I worked on the gardens, Todd got the riding lawnmower all ship shaped with new blades and a little tune-up. I decided to get the girls (above) cage all cleaned so while I was doing that I let them roam the yard to feast on bugs, worms and grass. They never strayed too far from their home but they decided to park it in one of my un-attended gardens. They helped rake and weed for me...such good girls!
Martha, just had to show off her good side for the camera while the others were too busy to even notice I was taking their photo.
Saturday was pretty much the same thing....yard work.
I have tons of gardens on our property and they need to be all raked, weeded, edged and mulched. I will photograph the process at a later date, but those of you who know about gardening, know that it takes time for the beds to look good. I have one garden in particular that I have totally neglected for the past two years. It is now overgrown with weeds and is a complete mess. I plan on revamping this garden in the near future...what exactly I will be doing, I'm not sure. I have gotten tons of magazines for inspiration so once I get in there maybe the focus will become clear.
Easter Sunday morning is always spent with my sister and her family. Sometimes we have it at her house and sometimes it is here. This year was here...we had a breakfast of bagels, quiche and Easter bread (paska) and then headed out of an egg hunt. I hope the kids always will want to do is so much fun for them to get the eggs and see the surprises in them.
The eggs were hidden all over the front and side yard. The back yard is still a muddy, wet mess from all the rain we have had.
Even the chipmunk holes were used as hiding spots. Made it very difficult for the kids to find the eggs :)

The annual cousins shot...they are getting so big!
Ahne is 6 , Graydon is 10 and Shea is 8!
Even the Easter Bunny came out to surprise the kids!
Little Wren loves it outside although loud noises scare her.
Shea and Ahne enjoyed taking her for a walk around the yard. She decided to help them get some exercise.

And posed for some great Easter pics!

Here is us...the whole clan.
We always try and take a family pic like this on Easter and Christmas.
I love my family!!
Thanks for a great Easter Sunday morning!

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Aunt Diane said...

You always get such great photos; loved seeing these. Looks like the kids had a great time!:o)

Aunt Diane