Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crafty Challenge Thursday

I certainly have been a busy little beaver this week. It all started last Thursday when I started a sewing project for my friend Julie. She had me make a window seat cushion years ago and it was now faded and in need of a revamping. She picked all of this great fabric (she has great taste in fashion) and asked me to do the job again. So, after measuring and remeasuring the old window seat, I started off by making some continuous bias tape and turned it into cording.
From there, the cushion just came together nicely.
The finished project is in the above photo. It is 116" long from end to end and is 20-1/2" wide. It was a little too long for me to take a full length photo in my living room so here is a portion of it. The top photo is all the different pillows I made to go along with it. I dropped it off to her house today and had to leave it without seeing it all put together. She called to tell me how much she loves it and promises to take a photo of it for me to see how it looks.
I can't wait to see it!!
On another crafty subject and this one just happens to be my favorite...


I have been really into making these welcome plaques lately.
I turned the owl plaque into this cat welcome sign. I still have yet to carve the cat paws at the bottom and do some clean up work before it will be ready to sit and dry out. I have ideas for dogs, chickens, birds and more. Onto the glaze firing.

I really, really like how the middle smaller welcome sign turned out. I just love this is called pistachio and maybe my new favorite!! Believe it or not, all that you see in this photo is this glaze...the bottom tray that I made was out of a different clay and it turned the glaze a deeper color. The fun little trees/flowers/people are done using a black glaze.

The top welcome sign shows how I can personalize them...note the est. 1996 and I also am putting peoples last names on them.
A great wedding or a new home gift!


Michelle said...

Very pretty! Love the pillows.

Dani said...

Thanks Mich-e-elle