Friday, April 9, 2010

Metal Diner

Graydon has been asking for some time to eat at a metal diner. I don't know how he got it into his head about it but I thought it was kind of neat. We have a couple of them here in Broome County and to be honest, I'm not too sure if I have ever eaten at any of them. So Thursday I offered to take him for an early lunch to the one in Johnson City and he jumped on the chance.
It was an interesting atmosphere...lots of locals that the waitress knew by name. It seemed to have the same look as what I thought it might look like with the addition to a building added off the back for more tables.
I figured out that this was a two way mirror that the cook could see everyone while he was working away. Of course Graydon questioned why there was the need for a two way mirror but I said to him that the space for the cook was tiny back there and he must enjoy looking out and seeing who he is cooking for.
We ordered our lunch and literally not even 10 minutes later our food came out. The fries were so nice and crispy and perfect. I ordered a omelet with tomato and feta cheese and it was yummy. The waitress walked by and said"How's you hot dog boy"...we both thought it was funny that she said that.
This diner has been around for years and years and I have driven past it about a million times. I wish I would have asked the waitress how old it is, but I do know that it is well over 40 years old...
A nice adventure for the two of us!!
and we will definitely be heading back there soon!

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Lindsey said...

How cool! Looks like you two had fun. Grandpa used to take me there when I was little. I'm sure he was one of the regulars the waitress knew by name. :o)