Saturday, April 24, 2010


Just another day Saturday here on the farm but it was a nice and sunny one. A little chilly this morning with a cool 34 degrees but it soon warmed up and the birds were singing. Mr. Cardinal perched himself in this forsythia bush calling to his mate who was somewhere in the yard calling back. I always enjoy this time of the year when you have the windows open and you can hear the different calls of the birds.
I was invited to a fellow potter/assistants new house for a great luncheon today. There was quite the crowd and we all enjoyed good conversation and incredible Indian food. All homemade by Rupa, including the most delicious yogurt I have ever had! She is an amazing cook and I always look forward to having anything that she prepares.
Before I went to the luncheon I stopped by the studio to pick up some things that came out of the kilns.
I am quite pleased with the three mugs with my tree/people/flower motifs on them. The tomato red glaze turned out very well in this firing. The welcome plaques are some new colors I am trying on them. The blue colored plaque has a nice rich brown glaze to highlight the lettering and design. The deep crimson red glaze looks great with the lighter color on the edges. The white glaze is a little test sample but I really like the clean-ness of the welcome sign. It has some depth to the glaze with some oxide I painted on before dipping it in the white.
I have many, many other welcome plaques in the works and am really looking forward in displaying them at our upcoming sale. I will be listing my upcoming show dates and times soon, so stay posted for that.
Happy weekend all!!


Diane said...

Hi Dani,

Just wanted to say how much I always enjoy checking your blog to see your photos and read what you've been up to. You certainly have some amazing talents! :o)

Aunt Diane

Dani said...

Thanks Aunt Diane!! I appreciate that! The blog is a fun thing to my spare time :)