Friday, April 9, 2010

Crafty Challenge Thursday

So Crafty Thursday was yesterday...yes I know.
I had planned on posting last night but we had one heck of a thunder and lightning storm which left us a little frazzled. As we sat watching "Survivor" a huge lightning bolt hit close to our house but we didn't realize how close until my in-laws called. Apparently it hit our neighbors house and caused all the alarms to be tripped. Police and Fire we called and the bolt hit the bottom corner of their house which left some charring on the inside of their house.
How scary....everyone is OK, but I'm sure they are still shaken up about it!
Yesterday morning I picked these welcome tiles up from the studio. I do really like how the owl plaque turned out. The green glaze is a nice mottled glaze which has bit of gray flecks through it. I can't wait to make more of these...but in the meantime I will be listing this as well as another tree welcome sign in my etsy shop this morning.
This tree welcome plaque is finding a home in Texas. My sister-in-law wanted one so it will be on its way down there next week. I'll have to have her take a photo of it hanging on her house.

Here is a couple of things I was working on Wednesday night. The top is just a smaller bowl, perfect for mixing eggs, dip or whatever you would like. The middle is a sugar/honey jar for a friend. It will be glazed in a beautiful black glaze that breaks a rusty red. She has a bunch of my pottery and it will be a nice addition to her collection. The bottom right piece is interesting. Todd's cousin is getting married in June and it is going to be a Indian water jug for part of their ceremony. I'll take more photos as I complete it. There is several more components to is and it should be fun to assemble.
Happy Friday everyone.
Hope your weekend is Fantastic!

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