Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Run

Today I decided to run around our house for a change. I am getting bored with running my usual route so I decided to run in God's Country. I got that little saying from another fellow runner and friend Ashley.
She posted something on Facebook this morning about running a half marathon in God's Country and I thought, hey...that is right around my house. No, not seriously, but it certainly looks like it. I decided to head out after Todd and Graydon left for a boys morning adventure (motorcycle race). I knew it was going to be a hard run with all the hills but my thought was to just head out and enjoy nature.
Just a note...I did not take my camera during the run with me.
This is a shot of the first hill I ran up.... And then a big downhill.
Just in time for another huge uphill. It was perfect running weather...60's, sunny with a little wind. Great tunes and the birds singing. What more could I ask for?

Horses were a nice added touch. I tried to coax them closer as I ran by but they were enjoying their morning grass too much. After the horses I was entertained by 4 Alpacas. They also were enjoying the morning grass but were very inquisitive. As I was running by their ears were standing straight up and they inched closer too me down the driveway. That is until their owner whistled for them and they turned and walked back to the house.
Very comical!
The view from the top of Mix Road was amazing. You could see for miles and miles and it was so clear. Notice the road in the distance? That is the road I was running on and what I ended up doing at this point was turning around to run back.
Along the way back these lovelies were enjoying the sun on their back...
I was too!

I didn't get a chance to see this deer running but it was a nice little surprise when I glanced though the camera lens. After my run I decided to go check out the mileage and ended up taking my camera with me. Good thing huh?
I just had to share my wonderful morning with all of you.

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