Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Challenge You!!

I had an idea the other day and called my best bud Michelle of Metals-n-Gems and dared her to a challenge. She accepted with a little hesitation in her voice but we both really need this challenge right now.
Since Christmas I have been a little sluggish in the creativity department. I have had tons and tons of wonderful ideas but I have been overwhelmed with work, home life and running and have not exactly put them to good use. I know I have to get some inventory up because there are a couple of shows coming up in the near future that I am doing.
So what is the challenge you might ask???
To be creative and blog post on Thursdays our accomplishments from the week. This is not only open for us but for you too. If you have anything creative you have made whether it be sewing, clay, jewelery, baking, cooking or what not, feel free to jump on board. Just let me know so I can blog about it so other people can see your talents.
This week, let me present you with...
A hand-carved welcome tile. It looks a little rough right now and I am waiting for it to set up so I can do some more detail carving but my intention with this piece is to be able to personalize the space below welcome. I can add names (if not too long) dates or even some other type of art work. Watch for a later post featuring this welcome plaque.
Another favorite of mine to throw is large platters. This happens to be 15" in diameter and I plan on putting some really great handles on this. It needs the handles because it is rather too large to handle with ease. It is going to make a great serving bowl or focal point for your dining room table. I have a some incredible rich glazes I plan on using on it.

This next piece may look like a cookie jar to you but it is going to be a compost pot. Just in time for the spring and all the gardening you have to do...just set this baby on your counter top and fill it with banana peels, coffee grounds, egg shells and more. It will force you to recycle and build a perfect compost bin outside. Here is a couple of ideas on composting.
  1. Start off with some sort of area that you are willing to make the trek to. Good compost shouldn't smell so it can be by your house.
  2. You can pick up a black compost bin at any Cooperative Extension for little money or just make your own. You can use the mounding method as I do because it is behind the barn or get some wire mesh from you hardware store with 4 posts. Put the 4 posts in the ground in a square formation. Use the wire and attach to the posts leaving the front open. This wire promotes air flow into the compost.
  3. Add a layer of grass clippings, leaves, grass clippings, leaves, kitchen sNumbered Listcraps (please no meat), and then keep at it alternating everything.
  4. You might want to keep some sort of pitch fork nearby so you can turn it every once in a while.
  5. And before long you will have...


Use on your flowers or veggies...they will love it!

Remember, recycle and reuse is the rage!!!

Jump on the wagon!

I hope you enjoyed the creative photos above. Please check out my friends site. Hopefully she will post something before nights end and you can view her amazing work!! Not only does she make jewelry, she also in an amazing cook, sewer, builder and more...


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I love the little compost scrap pot. I need one of those! I have to admit, I neglect my compost pile...shame on me! I need to get back to tending it better.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing the story of your helps to hear from other friends who understand the loss. We're missing our Bandit so much today.

Dani said... heart goes out to you!!! Keep your chin up and just love on your other animals!!!

Thanks for stopping by!