Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yesterday was a busy day in this household. Todd and Graydon headed out on a bus trip to the Red Bulls Soccer Season Opener in New Jersey. It was a bus trip and they had a lot of fun...too boot, the Bulls won 1-0!!!
While they were on their way to Jersey I headed to the pottery studio to get some work done. After getting settled I unloaded a kiln and reloaded it to bisque some of my work. In this is the owl plaque along with the composting pot. I'll be excited tomorrow to get them out and do some magical glazing on them.
After unloading the kiln, I threw 4 mugs for an order. I went to the sink to wash my hands and noticed these two beauties sitting on the lawn. I found a bag of bread (thank you to the person who left it at the studio), took a piece and headed out with my camera to feed these two. They actually came right up to me and this little guy with the chipped beak took it so gentle out of my hand. His mate was a different story. She was a little rough and as I was feeding him she bit my finger thinking I had bread in my other hand.

I always love seeing these guys and the mallards during this time of the year. They always make a temporary camp on the lawn of the studio to rest and eat some grass. The river is right next to the studio so after their little siesta, they head back down to the river. I have to work tomorrow morning at the studio and I am hoping to see them again...
What did I accomplish??
A bunch of stuff...
4 mugs but one broke :(
sugar and creamer
money pot for an order
bowl for an order
pedestal bowl possibly for an order
-you can see the beginnings of it on the left. The bowl in the bottom left and the pedestal in top left. They both need to be trimmed and put together.

It may not seem like a lot but it is a good afternoon for me. The mugs are a real pain to make and really not one of my favorites. First you have to create the form, wait for it to get leather hard, trim the bottom foot and then fit the handle onto it. All in all it is a long boring process and when you make multiples the time adds up.


This morning I am resting up and then I have a 9.3 mile race right down the road from my house. It is my training route so hopefully I do well. The weather is crappy again and the wind has picked up some. I really am hoping that it will be on my back the entire time.

Wish me luck..

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