Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Pet Profiles

So I thought that I would highlight some of my many pets on Mondays starting today. It is hard to come up with a bunch of different blog posts throughout the week and I love taking photos of my pets so this is a perfect idea.

This is Callie the Catahoula Leopard Dog...yes, this is a real kind of breed for a dog. I was surprised myself when I went to the dog shelter and found her. The girl who introduced me to Callie had some google searches of Catahoulas and gave me the paperwork. She truly is a love and I can't imagine my life without her. She is such a character with human like traits. Whenever we leave the house, she goes over to our phone and takes it off the hook and brings it back to where she is sleeping. Almost like she is waiting for us to call her during the day. She has even played back messages on our answering machine...I HAVE PROOF!! We video taped her!!

Her new favorite toy...a found tennis ball and she loves it!

This is Stitch...Santa Clause brought him to Graydon on Christmas morning. He got is name from a cartoon in which the character, Stitch, drinks coffee. Once Graydon opened him up (he was in a lidded box left on the front porch), he crawled up on my lap and tried to drink my coffee...

He is a very cuddly cat when he wants to be. Usually is is either on Graydon or me and he loves to sleep behind my knees. He really doesn't like our other cat Holly and torments her on a daily basis. Stalking is more like it but Holly holds her own!!

He loves to roll on his back and have is stomach rubbed...

And here is Holly!! A very snippy Torti but has since warmed up to us since she has been here. She even surprises me once in a while climbing up on my lap when I am at the computer. When she has had enough with the other animals she begs to go out onto our back porch/mud room where she enjoys watching the birds from the window.

And here is little Wren!!

So darn sweet, just look at this face!!! She has adjusted well to her new surroundings and loves to be played with. When I go in to hang out with her she climbs all over me but still is a little shy about being held for a long time. She just wants to get down and run!!

She even comes up to me to give me little bunny kisses.

Too cute!!!


So there are just some of my pets with more to come on Mondays...

Stay tuned for Louie, Racer, Lily, Flower, Bebe, Martha, Lucy, Ethel and Dorothy!!


Michelle said...

Cali-doh-shuss! How happy to have a tennis ball! I'd be afraid Wren would bite my lips!! You're a brave and slightly crazy lady.

Dani said...

I wasn't thinking about Wren biting my lips but I sure am now!!!