Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is in the air...

You know when it's Spring when...
you are outside and you hear the calls of the geese flying overhead. Snow geese heading North yesterday and it was a welcoming site!
Snowdrops are the first flowers always up at the site of Spring. They even come out through the snow...but in this case, green grass with no snow on the ground.
Crocus...bees flooding the open blooms for the fresh pollen. I have thought about having a bee hive but with all the bears in the neighborhood, I think it wouldn't be such a good idea!
Little Wren had her first trip outside yesterday and I think she really liked it. There was no stomping of the feet in protest and with her cute little harness on, she got to explore a little. But she wasn't too far from us...she kept hopping back to us and hiding behind our legs looking for security.

The look on her face in this photo is sooo funny. The sun was bugging her eyes and I think she was a little miffed about it.
What a cute little bunny girl...

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