Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday's Pets

Bits and Pieces of our pets...
Wren checking me out from under an antique child's chair.
and hopping away with enough of the paparazzi photos.
Somebody is extremely not amused in this photo but I love the composition of it. I might have to enlarge and frame it.

Well, this happens to be one of Callie's favorite spots at the moment. Behind this closed door is little Wren. Somebody really, really wants to get in there to see her.

How pathetic!!!
And Louie!!!
The Panda Bear Hammy-ster.
He's a bit of a flit so taking his photo is hard, although Graydon got him to hold still for ummm...a second.


Michelle Palmer said...

Adorable! Sweet blog~ great post!

Dani said...

Thanks Michelle!