Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's Pets

Here is a typical photo of Holly. A little somber, a little shy and a whole lot of cute.
And what's not cute about this. Callie checking out the squirrels and birds flooding the feeder. I love how she uses her elbows to prop herself up.

And a very sleepy Stitchie. He loves to sleep on top of the cable box....ooooohhh, nice and warm!

Another shot of Callie watching the birds along with Holly. A very rare moment as Holly gets snippy but she decided to play nice today.
Heeeelllllloooooo Wren!
She was listening very intently to the washing machine and did not like it at all. She stood with her back to me and kept thumping her foot. I have never experienced a bunny doing that before and it was so loud. They have such strong back legs and the power is amazing.
On another note...the 1/2 Marathon in Rock Hill, New York is completed.
It was quite the run and I will fill you in on it later. Right now I am exhausted and plan on heading to bed soon to make up for the running I completed this weekend!

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