Saturday, March 27, 2010

Upside Down

Life was turned upside down and backwards the last two days thus the reason why I never blogged any creative ideas I had done.
On Thursday I received a phone call from the hubbs stating that his BP was through the roof. He was at work and really didn't know what to do so needless to say he went to the ER where they admitted him for observation. After tons of tests and blood work we was released yesterday afternoon (his Birthday) with heart meds and a follow up appointment for Wednesday. Sooo stressful....
So, today Todd and Graydon are heading off to New Jersey to watch the season opener of the Red Bulls Soccer and I have the whole afternoon to play. I will be heading to the studio with camera in tow, to create, create, and create some more. On the way home I am going to go to my favorite Italian restaurant to get take out of homemade pasta. Tomorrow is race day and I have to load up on some carbs. I promise I will post my creations later tonight...

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