Thursday, March 13, 2008


Awaiting the arrival of a friend of mine, I thought I would give a quick blog. Yesterday was another day off. Boy I think I am getting spoiled. My person was out of town so that lead to a free day and today as well. We heading on down to Endicott to pick up a vintage table for the shop. It's kind of cool...and at $24.95 a steal. It has a formica red top (if I can remember correctly), metal legs and vinyl white and black seats. Very cool and chic...

After that who knows where the car will take us...maybe to the antique store on the Ave. that my cohoart has never been to and want to go. Across the street is a adoption place for kitties and a few doors down a cool pet store that has birds, sugar gliders, puppies, reptiles, spiders (YUCK) and anything else you can imagine.

Yesterday was a productive day. I threw a bunch of things, a batter bowl, mug, soap dish, globe, plates....made a cute purse. I made up the pattern from a couple of ideas I saw and it turned out so cute, especially using my adorable tattoo material. I will certainly will be making more of these! Last night was pottery...I attempted to make a lamp, the very first one I have actually completed, I also made a platter, small salt and pepper dishes and glaze some pieces. Whew....

Graydons tooth is finally coming in. In the photo it is his right side next to his front tooth. After a year and a half, it's here!! I had to snap a pic to honor the occasion!

Well, better run...she should be here any minute!

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