Monday, March 24, 2008

Quick Post...

Well, just a quick post before I have to leave. I am off to the studio this morning to work. I guess the gas kiln is being loaded and run on Thursday so Maryanne (my teacher) would like me to glaze, glaze and glaze today. We have a bunch of things coming up. We have first Friday in Binghamton at the Metro Center. We also have our spring show coming up as well as Earth Fest. Busy, busy, busy!!

Yesterday was nice and quiet. We went to my sisters house for Easter morning breakfast and an egg hunt with the kids. It was fun and they had fun being together. Afterwards we came home and I puttered for a while until I settled on glazing some pottery. Boy does that take a long time. I think I have about 3 hours in and I'm not even finished yet. I am hopeful this afternoon to load and run my kiln. I need to stock up!!

Here are the pics of the shirts and headbands I made...they look so cute on the girls.

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