Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I saw a robin!!!

Yeah...even though we are getting an ice storm today...I saw two robins!!! A couple of them are taking refuge under a large pine tree next to our house. Could spring be right around the corner??? I like the downtime of winter, being all cozy in the house with layers on but part of me just loves the fresh spring air and spring flowers.

I have been busy the last day or so cleaning up the house and arranging Graydons bedroom. Out with the old I say! I also have been creating some felted items. I started on Saturday while watching movies all afternoon. I took some leftover wool yarn I had and knitted a purse. I then put it through the wash two times and magically it felted perfectly. It's not finished but you can see what it looks like under the birds. Then Sunday night I created the yellow bird and yesterday the white bird. They aren't done yet either...they need their little wire legs and then I think I might mount them on a wooden block. Felting is so much fun but time consuming. I love to try new and interesting things.
Today I may work with some clay. I have a baby bank idea brewing in my head....

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Round Rabbit said...

Those birdies are wonderful!