Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sell on Sunday

Well, I decided that I would put some pottery that I have been hording for the shop on etsy today. I figure it isn't making me any money just sitting around and I would most likely be able to reproduce it. Maybe not exactly, but close enough. Here is some of the things that I will be placing on I think I may take all the profits from it and keep them in my account and try to build it so that if indeed the shop next door falls through, we can do something with the garage to make it into a shop.

I woke up this morning and created a plaster mold from a tile I made. It is for a girl style bank. I also took photos of the pottery, fed the fam, took a shower, and now ???? (this is all before 9:30AM).

I just had to publish this photo. It was taken on Easter Sunday at my sisters house. It almost looks like a pussy willow bush but it's not. She said it was a birch tree. I just love how the sun is shining on the buds.

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