Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Sitting pondering what to call this title, I decided to leave it as question marks because not only it is what I am thinking, but how I feel.

We went to the town meeting last night and to make a long story short, they denied me totally for the shop upon reason that I do not live there. I do have to give them credit though, they really tried to make it work for me but the way the law states it is not considered a home based business because soley for the fact that we do not own it and we do not live there. Todd tried and tried, Dawn and Kevin Worden tried, Michelle Timms tried and Denny and Pat Toaspern tried. They were all there in my support last night and thank you to all of them!!!

Well, I really am not sure where this is going from here. Todd and I are going to try and go to the town again today at 4:00. They have a town board meeting and last night after the meeting, he looked up a ton of things online and found something that may work. It is a long shot but maybe .... Other than that, we brain stormed about turning part of the garage into a studio/shop. For me it seems like a logical thing to do but Todd is hestitant, I think because of the cost. I guess I thought it might be about $500 to stud it out and put insulation and drywall up but he said more like a couple of thousand. I guess he is right. Me not knowing how much things cost...especially building materials, I guess it make sense.

Well, today as well as yesterday shall be a fun one. I am getting Graydon off to school and then I am heading out to my grandfathers funeral, then I have to work and then to the meeting. Ugh!!

Also, a very Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Todd!!!

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